Messages Regarding First World Hotel

Message 1

I also wish to inform you that rooms at First World Hotel is not quite appropriate for sharing (unless is couple) because it has a small cubicle size bath & separate toilet, both with see through glass. One has to change outside before entering the bath and toilet. If you wish to have a more comfortable room, I propose Resort World Hotel which is RM. 160.00 per room night inclusive of 2 breakfast. 

Joseph Lee

Message 2

The bed and room for FWH is possible to "squeeze" in 3 adults but the cubical size bath and toilet is something else ! One must undress inside the room then go into the bath or toilet as it is designed to have just enough space for the particular "job" only. Apart from the see through glass doors, a bigger then average size man will also find it  difficult to turn around inside the bath and toilet !

Please pass around this message to all OBs in Johor.
More comfortable choice will be the Resort World Hotel at RM. 160.00 / room/ night inclusive of 2 breakfast.
As we are starting to receive some heavy bookings from various branches and the rooms are on first come first serve basis,  we suggest that you remind OBs from Johor to expedite submission of booking ASAP.
Another very important note to all Alumni who plan to come by chartered bus that the standard security policy of Genting Highlands is the prohibition of all chartered buses from driving up to Genting Highlands.  All passengers of chartered buses must alight at mid-height of Genting Highlands then take the cable cars to  Genting Highlands. However due to the anticipated large crowd of CL OBs and conggestion at the cable cars station, we have successfully appealed to Genting Highlands to permit the Chung Ling buses to drive up to Genting Highlands on condition that all bus numbers and particulars of the bus drivers are submitted to Genting in advance for approval. In this respect, we kindly ask you to submit to us a list of the required information as soon as available inorder to avoid any inconvenient and misunderstanding.
Lee Suan Seik