Date:     1 December 2002 (Sunday)

Time:     10.00 am

Venue:     Leisure Bowl, Johor Bahru


1    Eligibility

    This bowling tournament is open to all current members of the Chung Ling High School Alumni and their family members.

2    Competition Event

    Only two (2) categories of events shall be held in this tournament, viz-
    1)     Open Division Singles Event ( 6 Games)
    2)     Veteran Division Singles Event ( 6 Games)

    Members could register for either division but not both. Veteran Division is opened only to those aged 45 and above.

    Women participants taking part in the tournament shall be given a handicap of 10 pins per game.

3    Conduct of Event

    Participants shall be required to bowl a total of 6 games in a single session. Change of lanes shall be made after every two (2) games.

4    Registration

    Participants must register their names latest by 15 November 2002. Entry forms to be submitted to the 34th Worldwide Chung Ling Alumni Carnival Organising Secretariat together with an entry fee of RM40 or S$20 per player.

5    Prizes

    Trophies shall be awarded to the top five (5) winners of each division,

6     Interrupted Games

    The Tournament Chairman or Tournament Director may authorize the completion of a game or more games on a fresh pair of lanes when equipment failure on the starting lanes would or expected to delay the normal progress of the games.

    An interrupted game or games which cannot be completed on the starting lanes must resume from the point of interruption and not from scratch, unless in the event where the automatic scores on the TV monitor could not be traced due to black-out that caused the scores to disappear.

7    Bowling On Wrong Lane

7.1     When one player has bowled on a wrong lane and the error is discovered before another player bowls on the same lane, a dead-ball shall be declared and the player is required to re-bowl his frame on the correct lane. The score of that particular frame when dead-ball is declared shall be void.

7.2     If all the players on that pair of lanes have bowled on the wrong lanes without the mistakes being discovered earlier, then the players shall continue the game as normal until it is completed without any adjustment made to the frames. However, the next game shall have to start on the correct consequence, In this event, corrections will only be made when there is a mistake in the scoring.

8    Tie Breaking Procedure

    Player with the highest scores after the 6-game series shall be declared the winner.

    However, if there is any tie in the top five (5) positions, 9th and 10th frames roll-off rule shall be used to decide the winner. This tie-breaker format is repeated until the tie is broken.

9    Playing Uniform

    No short pants or singlets shall be allowed for Male players in the tournament.

10  Prohibition

    Players must not smoke, eat or consume alcoholic drinks or under the influent of alcohols while in competition.

    Non-alcoholic drinks are allowed provided they are not consumed within the bowlers playing area.

11  Reporting Time

    Players participating in the tournament shall have to report at least 15 minutes before the time of play.

12  Rules Not Provided for

    Any rule(s) not provided for here and / or any matter arising but not covered in the above rules shall be decided by the Tournament Committee whose decision shall be final and binding.